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Dukh Meh Shakti Sukh Meh Bhakti
Have a Holy Dip on Mahakumbh!
KumbhaMela (The fare of Kumbha) is a mass Hindu pilgrimage-fareheld every six and twelve years at sites of four holy places Read More

Harmonize Your Living Place
The place where you live and spend most of your time is very important, whether office or your home. Just remember that everything even a seemingly li Read More

Conjunction of 5th and 7th Lords Indicates Love

As per Vedic astrology the 7th house is the house of marriage and one’s spouse. The 5th house is that of one’s lover or paramo Read More

Healing Effect of Some Crystals
Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs natural stones and crystals .The crystals are placed on different parts of the body, Read More

Vaastu Tips for Happy Living
The ancient ‘Science and Art’ of Vaastu is meant to make our living places compatible with the forces of nature. Living in harmony with nature can bri Read More

About Deepak Ji
Deepak Ji Master Deepak Ji is a renowned and dynamic Vedic Astrologer, an expert in Numerology, Gemology, Vastu Shastra and Lal Kitab. He has gained in-depth knowledge on these subjects over many years of hard work and regular analysis. He is an expert with a difference. He follows the core way of predicting the future accompanied with all modern parameters and techniques for the impeccable guidance. Read More..
Advice of the Day by Master Deepak ji
To Rremove the Hurdles
First of all light some agarbatti in front of Lord Ganpati statue before starting any auspicious deed in the family, like – religious work Read More


 Vaastu Shastra

Today’s Fengshui Tips

If you are single and looking for love, hang a painting of peonies, the Chinese flower of love in your house or bedroom. Also, balance the Yin and Yang in your house. If you are male, display items or photos that represent the p Read More

Lal Kitab Tips

It is quite common that in our household many junk or unused items ranging fromtoys, clocks and so on keep lying for years in the attic or store rooms. The same happens in offices and organizations where different unused items k Read More

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